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2015年10月20日 (火)

The cup

I'm always there is a cup on the table, the whole body is black, black shining brilliantly.
The cup was bought when I was three, then the whole class atmosphere, that are in the desolate kill everyone under pressure hard stretched out her head forward, even if just a little progress. I was no exception, of course, every day night lessons in the brush, four hours on his desk. Now that I really don't know is how come over at that time. The whole night lessons to drink water, of course, the biggest reason is unscrewed the lid is a waste of time, Dream beauty pro water is cool slowly, so I just bought a lidless China cups, cool quickly, the key is don't have to twist the lid, picked it up and you can drink directly, is really save a lot of time.
Every rare big recess to rest, always with a few friend prone on the windowsill, looking into the distance, also don't know what to look at, sometimes talk a few words, but I'm always a shiny black glass in his hand, each time in everyone's lip seal a few times to return to my hand, mouth complain of discontent, watching them crooked smile, is so warm in my heart.
Finally broke through the three barriers, into the dream of university. Friend also assigned to each place, only myself standing on the windowsill, this cup is still in my hand, looked at me silently. But only a few lovely lip prints. Every time I see it, there will always be remembered before high school, although very hard, but my heart is happy, a group of crazy with me, together with two friends, no matter how I make trouble without a cause or a joke, they can always crazy with me. See the cup, Dream beauty pro always like to see them, in the dark, dark, spotless.
In the university dormitory, I often use this cup to drink water, drink instant coffee, hand on the cup, feel very warm, soft. Roommates often asked me why I will buy this cup, so ugly. I always answer with a smile: where's ugly, I feel very good.
Time on my face, left a mark on the body, and the glass can withstand the baptism of years, a year later, it's so black and so soft. I am a free will and former classmates on the phone, is for more than an hour, every hang up is you hang up a push to take off. We often talk about the black glass, also think he said he is a bit of it, I will put his hand holding a cup photos sent in the past, then attach a few words: you see, the glass will not change, will never change, nu skin hong kong still as beautiful and lovely.
After no matter how, I will keep this cup, I believe that no matter how much time will the ruthless, this glass can still beautiful, soft, warm. I will put it in the hands, make it black light.

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