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2015年7月31日 (金)

Don't forget your original intention

Stop making excuses for failure. Miss you want to live up to their parents, from the moment you birth, they gave you the best of things, give you warm, Dream beauty pro hard sell give you the world's most selfless love, they want is not much, think of father's curved spine, even if he again tired, also can play the role of a father, because he knew that this family needs him! Think about the nutrition of food every day, think of the mother to gray hair, maybe we'll forget these small things, but still forget that for your big night mending clothes, she was tired, but she also want to squeeze out a smile, a charming smile in the winter......
Time is long, the number of many, we learn for his failure to find the reason, Dream beauty pro hard sell to escape all, even think of those useless, time! Good it hurts! Don't learned for their own efforts appeared... But I'm tired, I have no courage, I am afraid of failure, I am afraid of see the back of them down with sound lament... I comfort myself again and again, I'll do, I can, but I forgot, time is long, and I have been to for his failure to find reasons, every time give yourself another chance, but is there the next time will wait for you, how time flies, time no mercy?
I forget what is hard, forget what is insist, but learned to escape, learned to give up,Dream beauty pro learned, learned to find reasons to fobbed off! I'm tired... But I should learn to no longer for their failure to find reasons...

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